Thursday, June 07, 2007


Sumitsubo: done

I've started to make my sumitsubo in october 2006. It didn't took me 8 months of regular and sustained work I worked from time to time on the project. It took time anyway, since I refused myself to use electric tools, except for a drill press for the hole in the wheel.

It all started with a blank of rosewood, that I had noticed laying outside on a pile of wood at a milling company here in Taiwan. I didn't know the wood was rosewood until the guy cut it, but I felt the wood was tough to resist Taiwan's succession of rain, wind and heat.

At the begining, everything chiseled, sawn then shaped with rasps.

Making the wheel

Cutting the groove in the wheel

Chiseling the groove in the wheel

For the finishing, I used a scraper. The pin looks like it is molded, I shaped it so that it fits the user's fingers, somehow as when holding a pencil.

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