Monday, June 04, 2007


At the timber market

Nearby Nagoya, there is a rather wide area dedicated to timber: timber markets, saw mills, log market...

Hinoki (Chamaecyparis Obtusa) logs, auctioned nearby Nagoya.

Hinoki awaiting in water until it is ready for the saw mill.

Hinoki is becoming scarce in Japan, and is already forbidden to exploit in Taiwan. In Taiwan, timber is either from trees cut several years ago (generally more than 30 years) or from the dismantling of old houses. Many houses particularly in the east of Taiwan where Japanese exploited the wood used Hinoki for their structure.

Comment on the photo: the film was a positive one (slide), but the [use your imagination to put here the words you find appropriate] photo lab processed my films (2 of them) as negatives. The chemicals for treating positive and negative films are not at all the same, hence a somehow strange result and 72 pictures wasted, not counting my dissapointement and discontent.

I had took much precautions to take the pictures, using a hand held lightmeter, good quality slide film, taking my time to shoot, carefully awaiting for the best moment to capture a scene, and all remains are close to scrap.
In several years of photography, this is the first time it happens.
You probably understand my feelings.

Sorry to hear about your film being ruined. Before I switched to digital I used to worry every time I dropped my film off for processing that they would mess something up.

actually, when i shot photography a while ago i requested that the processing lab do the opposite process. the colors you can achieve are fantastic. almost surreal at times. i think maybe if you get some time you might want to play around with that technique. :)

i like the shot of the logs in the water.
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