Monday, January 22, 2007



This past sunday was mainly dedicated to blacksmithing.

My forge and other set-up need a lot of improvements.

Here is what needs to be changed:

  1. The blower is attached to a tin can and the flow of air directed through first, 2 plastic pipes, then 2 metal pipes. But the plastic pipes could melt from the radiated heat 9not conduction through the metal pipe). I remedied that by placing 2 bricks to isolate the plastic, but metal pipes should be longer, or I should use all metal connections.
  2. When connected to the pipes, the blowers debit of air is significantly reduced: this is due to the reduction in diameter of the pipe, and that the blower is not powerfull enough (this is not a complain, and I am very gratefull to Jens from the Oakwood forge who gave it to me). What I could do would be to add a third pipe.
  3. Maybe improve the walls of the forge. Add a top?
  4. Install my railtrack anvil on a solid stable stab of wood, or other stand.

Ludo , Good Looking forge, but you need to use larger Pipe for the tuyere 1.5 - 2 inches would be good. You want high air volume not high air pressure.

Hammer- on !!

Jens, thanks! I'll follow your advise. I just need to find an appropriate metal pipe and a way to make the connections.
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