Thursday, January 11, 2007


Long time no post

Isn't it? But I wasn't idle.

I did a dai for a blade called miki, which steel is hap40 and is said to be harder that HSS. The blade is set at 66degree, and now I can plane acacia confusa, one variety of acacia found in Taiwan. The grain of that wood goes in all direction, up, down, forward, backward! The 66 degree plane provides satisfying result. Acacia confusa is a hard wood, relatively dense and it is tough. It is not particularly rare, many trees can be found, but it is very rarely found as timber for fine woodworking (cabinet making and else), because hard to work with.

Otherwise, I have started a sumitsubo, which is now well advanced. Both dai and sumitsubo will be the subject of new posts.

Sorry for those of you who came to this blogg and saw nothing new since several weeks. I will do better.

I was wondering where you were, Ludo. B-) I always look forward to reading your new blog entry. By the way, I've add a link to your blog at .

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