Thursday, April 06, 2006


KezurouKai Inuyama (削ろう会犬山)

Inuyama Castle

For the 10th anniversary of Kezuroukai, the main theme was to built a Dashi (山車)。Dashi is a kind of car made of wood, pulled and push by several personns. It is crafted with skills and can take up to one year to be completed by a small team.
The one build for this kezuroukai benefited from the help of 70 craftmen, all members of Kezuroukai.
A small team from the USA, Jay Van Arsdale and his fellow craftmen, also participated to an element of the dashi. I recommend the visit of the daiku dojo web site (see links).
The building was directed by Mr Sugimura (杉村さん), temple builder and head of Kezuroukai.

Workshop where parts of the Dashi were built:here are the main axis and frame structure.
(nikon S2, no flash, 35mm)

Morning before the first day meeting (18th of march 2006): assembly of the wheels and chassis.

Bringing the roof.

Dashi completed! march 19th 3pm

Other activities were also presented, such as the planing competition (with not only the goal to produce the finest shaving, but also to set the plane blade as fast as possible), metate (saw sharpener), using adze。。。

Skilled craftman using his ax, fearing not for his feet

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