Sunday, March 26, 2006


Young blacksmith

"This a real crisis of Japan" was telling me a friend from Osaka, he was mentioning that very few blacksmiths are taking over the work of the previous generations.

But hopefully there are some accross Japan, few, but some.

Mr Uchihashi (内橋さん)is one of them. He is less than 30 years old. I visited him in March 2006 in his workshop, located in the countryside about 40 minutes drive south of Miki city.

I have only seen his work available on stands at the Inuyama kezuroukai meeting, but hopefully his planes will sell well so that it gives him encouragement for the future. I know his planes are sold in Tokyo.

Uchihashi-san in his workshop. 20march 2006.

Nice photo's of Uchihashi-san - I met him at the 2002 ABANA conference when he was apprentice to Chiyozuro Sadahide-san. Very talented young man - I wish him the best of luck!
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