Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Some of my work

This is a part of what I have done so far.

Everything have been sawn by hand, choped by hand and 90% drilled with a brace. No nails.

Cradle for my son

Bow saw.
Made from zitan, pterocarpus indicus (precious wood, intensivelly used in antique China for furniture) and stretcher is in guava (harvested in log form and resawn).
Rop in hemp.
Blade: turbo blade from Japan.

Camel, Lion and Bear.
Gifts for my son's first christmas.
Bear in camphor wood
Lion is made from a burl (but I don't know from which wood)
Camel is made from a hard exotic wood, with a very particular odor (I know the chinese name but not the common or scientific name)

Steam roller, gift for my son.
Wheels are in acacia (log formed with drawknife, rasp and spokeshave). Hole were made with the help of a drill press.

My son sitting on the small chair.
Chinese Juniper (very pleasant smell)
Top planed with a spoon bottom plane, finished with a scrapper

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