Thursday, October 23, 2008


Kezuroukai Yoita 2: kanna (plane) making

I think I'd rather split my postings about this kezuroukai meeting in several parts, it will be easier to read compared to one long post.

Dai Making

An other interesting demonstration workshop during this meeting was dai making. More particularly, the making of special planes: kiwa kanna, daitachi kanna...

Daiya, Koyoshiya

Over all work disposition, occupied space is minimal (small workbench)

Traditional dai were made in front of the interested craftsmen. The dai maker Koyoshiya, on the photo above uses oil (in an abura tsubo, an oil pot) as well as a pencil to mark where the blade contacts the wood as the bed is being cut.

Dai maker: special dai

Daiya making use of his feet

Note the position of both dai makers, they work on the floor. The special dai maker, whom unfortunately I couldn't name, is sited in a position that can be found in some yoga posture. He makes great use of his feet to hold the piece at work.

Chisel set of Koyoshiya dai maker

You can see on the photo above that the chisel set of a dai maker (here the one of Koyoshiya) is somehow limited. No extra tool. Each has is adapted to a particular task, from the large chisel for mortising the dai to the tiny narrow ones, through a scraper for removing material only where the blade contacts the wood in its bed.

There should be more to come (on other topics related to this meeting).

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