Sunday, June 01, 2008


Kezuroukai in Takaoka

This Kezuroukai meeting took place in Takaoka, under a temporary (but immense) shelf to protect a boudhist temple under renovation (more details on the temple to come).
Kezuroukai means literally planing meeting, but besides the planning contest, many activities are organized. This meeting gathered craftman from various fields related to the temple renovation: sculptors, painters, wood turners, particular, ... and other more directly related to woodworking tools: a dai maker was present, as well as a "toishi master".

It has been several months since I didn't write. I am just back from a short trip to Japan, and am bringing back a lot of material to fill up a big post.
Topics which will be developed are:
These will probably be posted in several parts in the coming week.

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